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About YCSL

Yuma Center for Spiritual Living

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Welcome to the Yuma Center for Spiritual Living, a community empowered by love. Here at the Yuma Center you will find passionate people who live their lives in joy, practicing spiritual principles that create a world that works for everyone. You won’t find any dogmatic religious rules here, but you will find a loving, supportive, inclusive, and inspiring community. Start your journey to creating a better world right now, explore our website, watch some videos, read about us, then come check us out on a Sunday or in one of our ongoing classes. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.

Who We Are
We are an inclusive fun-loving and playful community that is spiritual – not religious, serious about our spiritual growth, agents of change – we care about one another, our local community, and the world around us, and are here to assist you on your journey to creating a magnificent life. Get to know us.

What We Know You are enough, powerful beyond measure, a creator of a better life and self-awareness opens you to fully experience your creativity. There is one loving universal power present in everyone and everything which is already within you. We live in an abundant universe, change your thinking, change your life. We are all one in God.

What We Believe God is one, unconditional love, indestructible, absolute and unlimited source which is within us and all creation. Heaven is not something that we wait for or earn. It is within us, and we experience it to the degree that we become conscious of it. The Universe is unlimited abundance. Everyone can live a full, happy and prosperous life. There is no external God who keeps score, punishes, or chooses favorites. Sin is merely “missing the mark.” We are always free in this now moment to choose a new way of living that is joy-filled and powerful. We are not bound by past conditions nor future expectations. The universal spirit, which is God, operates through a universal Mind. This Mind can heal sickness, lack and limitation, and negative conditions. Within us is all the wisdom, love and power needed to create the life of our dreams.
To learn more about our philosophy and history please log onto Centers for Spiritual Living’s official website. “There is room in our house for all. Sit and rest and refresh your soul. All, all is yours, and you are welcome here.” Ernest Holmes

Sunday Celebration

Starts at 10 AM
Meditation starts at 9:30 AM
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