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Spiritual enrichment through study is an important tool to expand our awareness while feeding our heart, mind, and soul. Explore the life-giving principles of the Science of Mind and New Thought/Ancient Wisdom, expanding your awareness of self and your connection with the Spirit.

We offer transformational classes and workshops inspiring spiritual growth. Our courses are designed to empower you to fulfill your life’s purpose. Join us to experience God in a new way. Be a creator of change in your life and in the community.

Upcoming Classes

Swami Sankarananda's Talk
Sunday March 4th - 10:00 a.m.

What about Harmony?
Understanding harmony and discord, and how to live in harmony.

Sunday March 4th - 11:30 a.m.

"Power of Mantra for bringing Harmony into our Lives"
The ancients knew science and music to be fundamental both to understanding of the world and to joy. A deep and complete understanding of this resonance underlies the science of Yoga, and tools are given us to use this understanding in order to find the innate Joy penned up inside of each of us. We will explore these teachings of philosophy and technique, and chant some of the most sacred Mantras together in order to better learn their power and personality, and how to employ them in our pursuit of happiness and peace.

Every Monday, Jan 8 - Mar 12
Class: "Essential Ernest"
Essential Ernest Holmes
The Science of Mind philosophy taught at YCSL transforms lives.
That’s because this approach to spiritual living is as practical as it is powerful. By teaching us how to truly co-create with the Universal Power within, through and all around each of us, Science of Mind sets the field of infinite potential right at our finger tips. What we can believe, we can definitely receive.

January 8 marks the beginning of a great spiritual adventure. YCSL is excited to announce that we are once again offering accredited classes through Centers for Spiritual Living.

Our first class will be “Essential Ernest,” based on the book by the same name. Our class will study the very best writings of Ernest Holmes, the American mystic who wrote “The Science of Mind” textbook. This class won’t be a biographical study of the man, but an exploration of the theories he developed with the determined vision of empowering humanity – and setting the creative power of our minds free.

If you are ready to learn how to put Cause and Effect to work in your life, consider joining this class. Please look for more information about Science of Mind and Ernest Holmes in the “Discussion” area.

“Essential Ernest” will meet for 10 weeks.

Classes will be held every Monday @ 7 p.m., beginning January 8.

The cost will be a love offering.

This class is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Holmes and Science of Mind, ranging from veteran students of the teaching to seekers who are just now discovering this philosophy.

Darin Fenger, RScP

Please “RSVP” on this link, along with the sign-up sheet in the Family Room

Please read “This Thing Called You” by Ernest Holmes prior to class. This is a short and easy – yet powerful – book. That general introduction to Science of Mind will guide you greatly throughout the class.

“Essential Ernest” as described by “Here, in one volume, is a selection of the core and essential writings by internationally renowned scholar, mystic, and author Ernest Holmes, providing readers with a library of the most important ideas in the religious psychology that Holmes defined.”

Take a look at what readers have to say about “Essential Ernest” on “… I love what he has to say - a school of thought based not on the conclusions made in some long-lost past, but based on your own tested experience, and a way of participating in your own life that respects your integrity. Find out what works and do that. It's a very nice synthesis of practices and thoughts that have been expressed throughout human history in many places and languages.”

“How can you not love Ernest Holmes? Other than the inspired writers of the Bible, Ernest is a must-have in my library.”

“A wonderful read that may change how you see the cosmos or resonate with your already held and not well articulated ideas. With each page I found myself saying, "I knew that." it is refreshing to find that we are far from alone with these ideas of a Universe of Unity and Oneness based on love and mutual awareness of our connections.”

“Ernest Holmes was a remarkable man; learned, insightful, a teacher of the things that matter in life. Were we to follow his thoughts and learn the value of who we are, each of us might have a greater impact on anyone with whom we come in contact daily, even the stranger in line at the grocery store. Love is an all-pervading force in the world, one we can respond to with gratitude and willingness to share.”

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Sunday Celebration

Starts at 10 AM
Meditation starts at 9:30 AM