40 Years in Yuma

Leaders & Staff

Yuma Center for Spiritual Living

Darin Fenger
Practitioner-Outreach, RScP

Darin Fenger, RScP, serves YCSL as a licensed practitioner, a calling to spiritual leadership that ranges from offering prayer work and counseling to teaching classes and assisting the minister during Sunday services. Darin received his license in 2009.

Carolyn J. Bennett
President, Board of Trustees

YCSL's board members wear a number of hats. In addition to acting as president of the board, Carolyn is the music leader. As an "actor who sings" she loves leading the music and welcomes musicians for guest appearances or to act as a regular for Sunday services. "We have a keyboard waiting to be played!"

Michelle Loynes
Vice President

Michelle Loynes is YCSL’s social director and fundraiser. She is also a mother, wife, artist, teacher and spiritualist who is involved in ‘do-gooding’ around Yuma. Her accomplishments include winning the People’s Choice award for her film, “Everything Little Thing”.

Lorraine Wullenjohn

Lorraine is a long time member of YCSL and was our bookkeeper for 11 years. After retiring last year from that position, she has remained on the board and is the go-to person for Sunday ushers and welcomes team members for that important Sunday function.

Judy Gresser

Judy is retired from the Yuma Community Foundation having served as director of that organization for many years. She brings those wonderful organizational skills to YCSL and is untiring in her pursuit of selfless giving.

Sunday Celebration

Starts at 10 AM
Meditation starts at 9:30 AM