What We Believe

At Centers for Spiritual Livings, we believe that:

 God is one, unconditional love, indestructible, absolute and unlimited source which is within us and all creation. Heaven is not something that we wait for or earn. It is within us, and we experience it to the degree that we become conscious of it. 

The Universe is unlimited abundance. Everyone can live a full, happy and prosperous life. There is no external God who keeps score, punishes, or chooses favorites. Sin is merely “missing the mark.” We are always free in this now moment to choose a new way of living that is joy-filled and powerful. We are not bound by past conditions nor future expectations. 

The universal Spirit, which is God, operates through a universal Mind. This Mind can heal sickness, lack and limitation, and negative conditions. Within us is all the wisdom, love and power needed to create the life of our dreams.